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Local Dog State Park Scavenger Hunt

Part 2

Scavenger Hunt Details!

We had so much fun this summer, that we decided to keep it rolling. You’re invited to join us for Round 2 of the Local Dog State Park Challenge! It’s a 3 month challenge that gets you and your dog laced up, leashed up and off to explore the amazing, dog-friendly trails, beaches and campgrounds in our incredible state park system.

Catch sunsets, chase adventure.

Registration $49 includes:

  • A personalized, signed copy of Danielle’s NEW book A Dog Lover’s Guide to Hiking Wisconsin’s State Parks
  • Exclusive Scavenger Hunt Playcard (+ a chance to win awesome prizes!!)
  • Finisher’s Ribbon
  • Invite to a monthly state park group hike
  • Join our awesome facebook group where everyone REALLY & truly wants to see more pictures of your dog and your adventures!

Registration is open. The next adventure begins October 1.

Every dog deserves great adventures!

Less sit and stay. More engage and play.

  • Need a green space to burn off some energy?
  • Motivation to get out and explore?
  • Prepping for a backyard or epic adventure?
  • Wanna meet new friends, human and canine?

Adventure with Your Dog gets you out of the classroom and into the wild. If you’re on a mission for more fitness, more fun, more play and more outdoors, Local Dog is the place to be.

Rancho Barto Play Park

  • 1 acre fully fenced country setting
  • no neighbors in view
  • ample space for fetch, doggy parkour, a little pond, pool and sprinkler
  • backyard agility equipment available
  • perfect for dogs who like their space, one on one playdate

How do Sniffspot’s private dog parks work?

  • Private rentals by the hour
  • Locations throughout the US
  • Our hosts are locals that are renting their yards and private land to dog owners
  • No other dogs during your visits
  • Only you and your dogs are allowed to enter a spot during the time you’ve booked it
  • Trust and safety first
  • Spots are designed to be safe and both hosts and guests are reviewed after each visit
  • Reactive dogs welcome
  • Many of the spots we list are designed with sensitive dogs in mind

Fit Dog Hikes

Fit Dog Hikes are free, fun, and perfect for dogs who enjoy time with other dogs and people. Sign up today!

Upcoming Dates

10/8 Prairie Moraine (Ice Age Trail Segment)

11/5 Canine Enrichment Scavenger Hunt

12/3 Lakeshore Path

Kick Back. Camp Out.