Adventure School

Life is hectic. We get it.
Your dog can still go out to play.

You may have to work each day, but that doesn’t mean your furry pal needs to stay home alone! Under-exercised and bored dogs tend to get themselves into trouble with barking, chewing, digging, and deteriorating social skills. We understand your schedule gets hectic and it’s hard to get out with your dog. That’s why Local Dog Training and Adventure will make sure your pup gets to go have fun while you’re living your best life.

(Adventure School is for dogs and their people who are continuing the training principles and good habits at home. It is open only to current and past Local Dog participants.)

springer spaniel in tall grass

Adventure School

Your dog will be picked up and whisked off on an expedition to a local, county, or state park for 90 minutes of sniffing, hiking, and exploring. While on adventure, polite behaviors like trail etiquette, giving attention, leave it, and on leash recall will be woven in. Your pup will never even know she’s training!


6-90 minute sessions $480
6-60 minute sessions $360

man and little dog running on frozen lake covered in snow

AdventurePup School

These 60-minute socialization expeditions include practice riding nicely in the car, safe exploration of the human world including city and traffic noises, meeting new people, exploring new places, and enrichment. All safe, all age-appropriate to help you develop a healthy and confident pup. While on adventure, puppies will practice polite behaviors like giving attention, learning to walk on leash, and coming when called! 


6-60 minute sessions $360

dog in water

Run Buddy

Designed for dogs who need a little more out of life than a stroll around the block. Your dog will head out for a 45 minute running and parkour workout to build endurance, strength and confidence. All activity will be appropriate for their fitness level. 


6 sessions $300

Prices are for West Madison, Cross Plains, Verona, and Middleton. For a price quote in your area, contact us today.

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