Adventure School

It is a happy talent to know how to play.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every dog deserves great adventures! At Local Dog, we’re a little less sit & stay and a lot more engage & play. Whether you’re training for weekend urban adventures or an epic camping excursions, Adventure School gets you out of the classroom and into the wild to put your training skills to the test.  If you’re on a mission for fitness and fun, Local Dog’s hiking group, specialized workshop and training clubs are the place to be.

group of people outside in grass with dogs

Fit Dog Hiking Crew

Fit Dog Hikes are free, fun, and perfect for dogs who love being around other dogs and people. We head out for 6o minute adventures the first Saturday of each month.

Group Guidelines
  • Dogs should be on flat collars or harnesses with a 6 foot standard leash; the usual Local Dog rules apply – no chokes, prongs, bark or shock collars. No flexi lines.
  • Dogs who would appreciate extra space or do not enjoy on leash greetings should wear a red bandana around neck or attached to leash.
  • Before allowing dogs to greet, get express permission from both human AND dog. Any nervous body language including backing away, ducking, turning head away etc. should be a clear indication that a dog needs some time and space to settle in.  The same goes for any human’s petting dogs.
  • One adult per dog. Kids who are capable of hiking 2(ish) miles are welcome to attend, but adults need to handle the dogs.
  • We’re going to be a large group on a narrow trail or sidewalk; we will yield right of way to ALL other traffic – this is a great time to work on your calm sits and focused attention.
  • When we yield to passing parties, we will all move to the SAME side of the trail to avoid sending anyone down a gauntlet of dogs.
  • Please keep in mind that not all dogs and people we encounter on our walk are fans of other dogs and people. Keep your pup near you and engaged. We always want to be demonstrating our great dog handling skills!
2021 Fall Schedule

10 am Saturday, September 4th Cross Plains State Park

10 am Saturday, October 2nd Olbrich Park

10 am Saturday, November 6 Elver Park (capture the flag/scavenger hunt)

10 am Saturday, December 4 Vilas Park

group of people sitting on grass with dogs

Focused & Confident Social Club

Exceptional graduates of our Focused & Confident program are invited to join FC Social Club. This group gives dog owners real life training opportunities to put their classroom skills to work.  This group was designed for dog teams who have been working to improve their dogs confidence and overly reactive behaviors toward other dogs, people, bikes, etc. 

This group is based on an annual membership, accepts a limited number of students and requires a tryout period.

To learn more, contact Jess

group of people outside with dogs

Holiday Hustle

When: October 1 – December 31

What: A personal fitness challenge for you and your dog

Details: Collect miles with your dog, go at your own pace, participate in fun challenges!

What Counts as Exercise With Your Dog
  • Anything on foot – walking, running, sniffaris, hiking, including fitness classes like dog/human boot camp, agility, parkour or tracking. Just keep track of your distance!
  • Anything dog powered – dog pulling you on bike, scooter, canicross
  • Anything human powered and dog enjoyed – dogs MAY be in strollers, backpacks, etc while you bike, run, scooter, etc.
  • If you have questions about whether something counts or not, just ask!
Registration: $85 ; includes crewneck sweatshirt, ribbons for MILEStone achievements, monthly themed challenges!