These practices have been created to help every student in class have the best experiences possible. Thank you for abiding by these guidelines and promoting a safe and fun place to learn. If you have any questions, please contact us with concerns prior to the start of class so we can work toward a reasonable solution.

  • COVID 
    • All participants are required to wear masks if they are able. 
    • Classrooms are sanitized in between sessions.
    • 2 people per dog are permitted to attend class.
    • If you are ill, symptomatic or have been notified that you are a trace contact, we ask that you refrain from attending class. I promise, we’ll get you the material that you’ve missed. 
    • In the opinion of the instructor, if any dog is unsuitable for the group class environment (either because it doesn’t not have the necessary foundation skills for the group class or because it is uncontrollable, unpredictable or aggressive) will be removed and referred to a more suitable class or private lesson. The balance of the group class tuition (less the prorated cost of the lesson already attended) will be applied toward the tuition of the alternative service.
    • Children are welcome to attend group classes and training sessions under the supervision on an adult. To promote a productive training environment, when bringing children under the age of 10, a second adult must be present (one to focus on child, one to focus on dog).
    • Children under the age of 18 may not, under any circumstances, be dropped of with the dog to participate in class in the absence of a parent or guardian.
    • ​​​Classes and private lessons are non-refundable. Please consider your personal schedule very carefully prior to registering. When possible, we will permit make-up classes, but this is not always an option as our classes are very popular, are usually filled to capacity, and specialty classes are offered infrequently.
    • Group Class Cancellation Policy: If you need to withdraw from class before the first day, you may transfer your payment to an upcoming class. If class has already started, refunds or transfers are not permitted. If Local Dog cancels a class, you will receive a full refund. 
    • Private Lesson/Day Training Cancellation Policy: If you need to reschedule a private lesson or day training session, please provide Local Dog with 24 hours notice. Lessons cancelled without 24 hours notice will be charged the full session fee. 
    • Private Lesson packages must be used within 3 months of purchase.
    • Classes and Private Training must be paid for prior to starting your training with Local Dog. Fees for group classes are due upon registration. Private lesson payments are due at the first lesson.
    • Weather Cancellations/Instructor Illness: You will be notified via email if class is cancelled. We do our best to make a weather call by early afternoon, so you have time to adjust evening plans. We err on the side of caution when making weather calls, as many of our students drive from surrounding communities and there is no need to risk your safety to get to dog training class. As always, we encourage you to make the safest, personal choice, as we cannot accommodate the varying levels of comfort driving in inclement weather.
    • Any classes cancelled due to weather or instructor illness will be made up.
    • Age appropriate vaccinations are required prior to beginning class (titers accepted)
    • Dogs over the age of 5 months must have Rabies and DHPP, those under 5 months must be current on all age appropriate shots.
    • If your dog is ill or has a suspected illness, keep your dog home. Humans are welcomed and encouraged  to come to class, to observe other training teams and take notes, so you can practice at home. 
    • We rent space at each of the training facilities. Our goal is to leave each building in the condition that we found it, or cleaner.
    • Please keep your dog leashed when entering and exiting the building.
    • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their own dog while on the training premises, including the parking lot, entryways, gravel, grass and classroom floor.
    • We practice force-free training methodologies, no exceptions. 
    • Choke, prong and electric collars, leash corrections, slapping, hitting, pushing, etc and any and all aversive training tools or techniques are forbidden on the training premises, which includes the parking lot. 
    • We use food as a primary motivator. Please bring enough to work (and work hard!) for 45 minutes of training. 

WILL TRAINING WITH TREATS MEAN THAT I ALWAYS HAVE TO USE TREATS WHEN ASKING MY DOG TO DO SOMETHING?  No! The goal with motivational training is to use reinforcers, like food, to build a strong training foundation and relationship with your dog. Over time, behaviors will be learned and we can begin asking for behaviors without reinforcement every time. Our goal is to teach your dog how to respond to your cues without a treat in hand, by creating strongly-reinforced, learned behaviors at the beginning of the training process. Think of treat training as building a savings account – all of those treat rewards are like money in the bank, so your dog will have the behavior when you need it

I DON’T VACCINATE MY DOG. CAN I STILL COME TO CLASS?  We want to maintain a healthy environment for all of our dogs. In order to do this, each dog, over 5 months, must be current on DHPP and rabies vaccines. We do accept titers. We also encourage Bordetella and Canine Influenza vaccines as well. For puppies under 5 months, we require that all puppies are on schedule with their veterinarian’s vaccination practice. If you do not vaccinate but are still interested in training, we are happy to provide this service through private lessons.

CAN I MAKE UP A CLASS? We do not make any promises that there will be an opportunity to make up a class missed due to your personal schedule, however, please ask! If we have an open spot and a new student will not disrupt the flow of the class, we will certainly do our best to accommodate. Please think carefully about your schedule and other commitments prior to signing up for class.

HOW MANY DOGS ARE IN CLASS? Our classes are offered with a  maximum of 5-7 dog teams, depending on the location.

MY DOG IS REACTIVE. CAN HE JOIN CLASS? Maybe. In our general classes and some specialty classes, there is a great deal of movement and excitement that can be too stressful for shy, reactive or aggressive dogs. Please see our Focused and Confident classes or contact Jess at jess@mylocaldog.com with details on your pup. We are here to help!

I AM A FOSTER DOG PARENT/RESCUE WORKER. CAN LOCAL DOG HELP ME? Yes, Local Dog offers group training class and private lesson discounts. To learn more, please contact Jess at jess@mylocaldog.com